CoC Private Server Apk is tool to change IP of servers which allow you to start play with unlimited gems and gold. In download section you can find list of 50+ private servers of Clash of Clans game. This application is compatible with diffrent mobile system (exaclty works on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other android emulators). A lot of players searching best coc private server apk download site to change servers easily and without root your mobile phone and no surveys. Even if you do not decide to play all the time on private servers, you can always switch to global server and back to normal slow mode gaming in clash of clans.

coc private server apk


Propably, you want ask “Why we created CoC Private Server APK?”. Answer is simple most players decide to speed up gameplay so searching for fast mode private servers which are 99x,999x or even 9999x more gems or exp. So after one or two days you will built up fully your village/fortress, where on global server it takes about few months. Sounds great? Ofcourse it is great feature for lazy players. Most global players where speed is normal, will say that it not fun to play on this kind of servers, but true is different, honestly on those coc private servers you will learn strategy, what build first, what is not worth to upgrade and this way you will learn how to reach success faster on normal servers.


A lot of you, dear players got different model and software devices. Special for you we tested our coc private server apk, on different softwares and devices. In 99% cases application works without any problems and without root. We want to mention that if you are using old mobilephone (read: smartphone) which isn’t supported by Clash of Clans game, we can’t promise that our switcher will work smoothly and without lags and bugs. What about price for using this application? To be honest we don’t want to take any money from you, so only thing what you need to do is just install few other free games to your device, but if you want avoid it you can sent sms which bill you few dollars. One of important annotation is that we don’t guarantee downloaded file will be something what you are searching. Sometimes our servers can be crowded so please back next day and try again. We sorry for any issues.

coc private server apk download


coc private server apk


coc private server apk download

Windows Phone


If you got any problems with download coc private server apk, you can contact with us throw email written below or try using contact form. Usually, we answer fast as it possible, so be patient please. Even if we don't answer we are updating our site everyday.